Thursday, April 14, 2011

Terry "Burning" Jones

In class the other week we discussed a pastor located in Florida. Terry Jones has churned up the social media world with threatening and recently actually burning a Quran. I do not condone his behavior against a religion. I also do not condone the media and audiences behavior for their given attention to this silly story. People create situations and "news" out of nothing. I know I would not be writing this blog entree if people knew what was real news, and not just fabricated and created. The story the media was trying to target was not a man burning a book. The media was trying to anger another group of people in another country. That seems to be the target audience because who on earth cares about a pastor in Florida with a following of less than a hundred members burning a another countries religious book. It is hard for me to believe that people are that concerned about some no body burning a book. If the president or elected official had done that, then yea thats a story. This is now a story about innocent people working at the UN in Afghanistan getting killed. Why were they killed? -Because an angry mob, Angered by who? -By a pastor who burned a Quran, Who told the angry mob? -The american news media (cause its news now)

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  1. What a sad situation. For a man that is supposed to be living and teaching in Jesus' name does not live by Jesus' example. Mr. Jones knew burning the Quran would enrage many. Nothing justifies the murder that took place in Afganistan, but why enrage when there are better ways of demonstrating? Whoever followed this story should get their head out of the sand.