Thursday, April 14, 2011

Engage Chapter 19-23

Chapter 21 starts the social media blueprint beautifully, "failing to plan is planning to fail." The introduction includes what the objective is for planning and defining our approach towards establishing and maintaining an online presence. The user must identify all media outlets that can be linked back and begin fine tuning those into whatever the user wants. Second, the user must establish themselves in one of the outlets if they have not already done so. This will allow the user to engage with fellow followers and readers in forums and blogs, exchanging ideas for the betterment of mankind. The Brand defines ones compass on the internet and revolves around the "Brand." Your brand is followed by the players, in which you will attract and find with a common brand goal, such as creating and establishing an online presence to use with questions that come up in the future. Players include, advocates, traditional media, new influencers, bloggers, champions, and tastemakers. All these players play a vital role in determining which role you as the online user will play. After your brand, and the role you will play, the station you decide to set up and establish in is important. The Platform gives an opportunity to connect, communicate, and congregate to many different categories, all of which are relevant to the particular user. Media platforms include, mobile, social dashboard, widgets, forums, blogs, social networks, content creation, events, and microcommunitites. In order to convey and broadcast your message on one of the platforms, the user must use channels to communicate to the audience. Channels include, aggregation, crowd-sourced, curation, search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, syndication, social media optimization, engagement, portability, content streams, and user-generated content (UGC). Since there are so many valid channels to broadcast and find valuable content, the user them self becomes a significant source. Their emotions effect compassion, care and feeling into the plan for maintaining an online presence. These emotions include, reciprocation, empathy, recognition, core values, resolution, empowerment, humanization, honesty, reward, value proposition, believable, and the most important, sincerity. If you can convey sincerity in your writing and comments, other users will be more willing to connect and follow your stream of social media content.
Awesome step by step by Brian Solis into how general online participants can begin to work into the cycle and dominate the system of act. He keeps the words and message simple to where people won't feel overwhelmed or turned off by the new, fluid, online media age! So what are you going to do?

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