Sunday, April 17, 2011

Separation by Kevin Bacon (or 6 degrees)

In class the other week we watched a documentary focusing on the theory that everyone in the world is connected by at least 6 handshakes or 6 degrees. It is a very interesting point and experiment. In the documentary they chose an individual stationed in Boston and attempted to pass out around 50. Out of the 50 only about 3 made it to the individual in Boston, but the concept that people and communities are separated by 6 different links still holds true. The movie calls it into a category of network theory and network theory is made up of components, one being the social hubs (or influencers). These hubs are individuals whom have many connections to different groups and maintain this influence in different scenarios. Without these social hubs, the network theory would not survive the way its system is set up. Social hubs attract and offer other individuals a means to participate in interacting or conveying messages. Conveying messages includes broadcasting and receiving and interpreting. Both parties effect and dictate the social hub because their messages are later passed on creating more links into the social hub. Without the broadcaster or receiver, the hub would be much more limited. Kevin Bacon is the icon behind the myth, he doesn't define the myth, rather provides a guide into the human web of social connection.

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