Sunday, April 10, 2011

Engage Chp 6-12

Interestingly enough in Chp. 6 they talk about how in social networks people thrive through interacting or relating. Some cases it may be comments or wall posts, and others may join a group or create a fan page for something. I had not realized that you could be marketed to by CPM or CPC. (cost per 1000/ cost per click) Based on the chosen keywords, whatever you search or click on, the visual ad is categorized towards similar keywords. This way the marketing aspect is not wasting potential resources or ads on irrelevant or potential customers.
The case study at the end of Chapter 11 does a good job of describing and illustrating what competent home web pages should look like. First the page needs to address the audiences needs, in this case soap; so the home page has a purchase order and assistance for soaps. Second, they have relevant content for audiences to click on to experience from another page, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Vimeo. By doing this the home page creates more credibility for its product and future service. Third, the page offers audiences a station to read positive reviews and submit reviews. This plays off credibility and ensures to the customer the quality of the product and service.

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