Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conglomerate: Google media

In class this week, we watched the documentary, "Inside the Mind of Google", exposing and illustrating the methods and processes Google as a company uses to sustain a successful company. They described facets of the company from how employees are treated and picked (only the brightest and smartest) to how Google has indexed every search done and maintains the abilitly to identify patterns or people. In their policy, they do not reveal their social database to third party people, even the government, but how long will that last? It only takes a little pressure and a nice incentive for a company like Google to hand over its information and clean its hands of any wrong doing. To Google, they claim they won't do this because it would hinder growth in how many people use their system daily. But years from now, Google may have other agendas rather than growth and popularity.
Personally, I have always been pesimisstic about searches and whose monitoring what, so I am not worried about what may come out in these social databases. But the question comes into play, when is it ethically wrong for Google to control peoples identities and the placement of their identities? People nowadays have a trust to the internet and a belief that it is made for good. People may have good intentions in creating or developing products or things but that is not always the case. And I am just worried about years from now when Google is no longer the "good" guy.

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  1. I too feel that Google Inc. will one day over step it's boundaries. With companies being scrutinized and the U.S. Government demanding the release of stored information for trials and investigations. It makes me uneasy that companies like Google have no say in government intervention.