Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Engage Chapter 12-18

Reading through the chapter, the section "Multiple Personality Order" stood out to me because "The world's a stage and everybody's got to play their part," thanks to Outkast and originally Shakespeare. It is a constant dilemma every member of the social web is going to have to figure out. And the sooner the better because as we have been talking about in class, everything is configured to a database that does not forget and has limited access, as of now. For me this has always been why I've never committed to the web, I don't trust it. I feel like if I have fun by posting inappropriate sections then it will at some point come back to hinder my progress towards a career. We as internet users must decide on whether we want a business/corporate identity or a personal/casual identity. The book talks about building two online personalities. One personal and one professional. "Our profile should reflect our corporate soal and introduce the elemtns, essence, and purpose that attract the individuals seeking alliance and rapport with other possessing similar attributes." (130) My problem comes back to trust. If I have a professional identity that is up to date on relevant material, what keeps readers and people from finding my personal identity from my professional one. How do people seperate their identities when most people use the same email or phone number? A question the book offers as guidance is, "Who do you want to be?" Implying the first thing an online user needs to establish is a network that is relevant and advocates progress towards whichever path the user identifyied with. Social media is a term I must realize is not going away and will only be used exponentially more. Social media provides different accounts for people to follow and broadcast information that may be interesting, cool, important, or stupid. Thats the beauty of social media, you can find something for everyone, even if social media itself is not it. Thanks enage!

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